Nov 05, 2018

Change your Google Account name & other info - iPhone On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app . Tap Menu Settings Your Gmail account Manage your Google Account. If you don't use Gmail, go to At the top, tap Personal info. Under "Profile," tap Photo Set profile photo. Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Feb 03, 2020

Nov 26, 2019

Aug 05, 2017 How to add your Gmail account to Windows 10's Mail app Dec 15, 2016 Turn on dark mode for Gmail on your Android phone and iPhone

Jan 19, 2019

How To Properly Remove Your Gmail Account From Your Device. To get rid of your Gmail account from your device, check out 'Settings', 'Mail', 'Contacts', then 'Calendars' and tap on your Gmail account. Then, choose 'Delete Account', and select 'Delete from my iPhone'. Next, head to 'Settings', 'Mail', 'Contacts', then 'Calendars'. With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the two different methods to use Gmail on iPhone. 1. Add Gmail Account to iPhone. All that is required to send and receive Emails from your Gmail Account on iPhone is to add your Google Account to iPhone. 1. Open Settings > scroll down and tap on Password & Accounts. 2. Apr 25, 2017 · There are many custom interfaces when it comes to Android phones, so the process for adding your Gmail account isn’t as clear cut as it is on an iPhone, but the main idea is to get to the Add Mar 22, 2016 · Here's a screenshot from my Ipad settings. It looks the same on my iphone settings, but on the iphone settings, "default" option appears below "signature". The iphone has the same Icloud and Gmail options under accounts, and the same IOS version. Thanks! Remove the Gmail Account that is showing sync issues on your iPhone. And then restart and re-add the Gmail Account. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Select Passwords & Accounts. Tap on Gmail. Then tap Delete Account. After restarting the iPhone, follow the steps to add Gmail Account. Settings app > Passwords & Accounts > Add Accounts