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Clusters are also useful for acting as a single web server and sharing traffic, such as Mythic Beast’s Raspberry Pi web servers. Top tip: Fault tolerance Certain cluster types, such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, allow individual nodes to fail without disrupting service. How to Create a VPN Server With Raspberry Pi | PCMag First, it's a good idea to set up a DHCP reservation for your Raspberry Pi, so its internal IP address doesn't change over time. Second, I recommend a dynamic DNS service. How to setup a Raspberry Pi Node.js Webserver and control Node.JS is a server platform that uses JavaScript. Originally developed for the Google Chrome browser, it is very resource-efficient, which makes the use of a Raspberry Pi Node.JS web server interesting. In addition to the advantages of asynchronous applications, Node.JS offers a very simple but powerful method to install and use different plugins or libraries, … How to Create a Plex Server on Raspberry Pi 4 - Make Tech Mar 13, 2020

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