Jun 14, 2019 · But what happens if you stop paying your TV licence fee? If you do need a licence, you’ll need to pay the full licence fee. If you don’t you could risk prosecution plus a fine of up to £1,000 (£500

Cancel TV licence When you have sold, disposed of or lost your television set(s) you are no longer required to have a TV licence. You must notify the SABC of your changed circumstances in writing on a pro forma affidavit which is available from your nearest SABC offices or by making the relevant statement at any Commissioner of Oaths. These are the entirely legal reasons to avoid paying your Jul 13, 2018 Not paying your TV licence could soon stop being a Feb 04, 2020

Feb 24, 2018

Telling us you don't need a TV Licence - TV Licensing

Most people DO need a TV licence as the watch live TV broadcasts. So why a blanket levy, if 96% of households already hold a TV licence. Out of the 4% remaining that don't hold a licence, the concessions ie. over 75's, residential/disabled, visually impaired etc, that doesn't leave many that don't pay …

BBC confirms plans to make over-75s pay TV licence fee Jun 10, 2019 TV licence discounts for concessions (Free for over-75s To be eligible for a free TV licence, people over 75 will need to be claiming a benefit called Pension Credit. People who aren't claiming Pension Credit won't be eligible for a free TV licence. These changes are expected to come into force in 2020. With this in mind, it's important to find out whether you're eligible to claim Pension Credit. The legal way to avoid paying the TV licence fee The rules on TV licence fees are changing. Search. Easter. The legal way to avoid paying the TV licence fee. So it’s definitely never a good idea to stop paying the licence fee if you Active Resistance to the Tv Licence - Facebook