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Can’t get Pandora app back onto my apple … - Apple Community Apr 12, 2018 Question: How Do You Get Pandora In Your Car? - Music Below are simple steps to get it setup. On the vehicle dashboard hit source and select Pandora. Make sure the Pandora App is downloaded onto your phone. Although if it isn’t go to the app store and download it. Make sure the phone is paired to the car. If using an iphone make sure Pandora is opened on the phone. How can I listen to Pandora in Why won't pandora work on my iPhone

How to Use Pandora on Android: 5 Steps (with Pictures

Jan 12, 2017 · Pandora no longer works through my car stereo. The stereo continues to say “check app”. The phone links up just fine (can dial and make/take calls) and pandora pauses like it’s going to come through the stereo and even shuts off on the phone when the car door is opened, but will not play….happened overnight. Mar 15, 2016 · Finally, you can only connect to one device at a time – not so handy when your significant other needs to use the phone while you're be-bopping to your favorite reggae channel on Pandora. Use Wi-Fi wireless speakers. If you really want to enjoy Pandora in your home, Wi-Fi speakers, such as the Bose SoundTouch or Sonos, are the best way to go. Nov 02, 2013 · Pandora is installed on’s 2013 Honda Civic LX long-term test car, so it isn’t found only on high-bucks cars. On the Civic, you can change tracks through the car’s stereo controls

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Using your Android phone with your car stereo (How To Feb 25, 2010 How to Download and Install the Pandora App | Free Step-by