May 27, 2015 · The USB method requires a Mac or PC, but you can also opt to connect via Bluetooth. Just make sure both your iPhone and iPad have Bluetooth turned on, then navigate to Bluetooth on your iPad under

macos - Can I share my iMac's internet to iPhone or iPad The method you described will share your Internet connection to your iPhone on recent Macs and iPhones. Specifically, on macOS Sierra, follow the instructions in the Apple Support Article, macOS Sierra: Share the Internet connection on your Mac but choose to share your Internet to computers using iPhone USB. On your Mac, open System Preferences and click on Sharing. How to Share Your Mac Internet With an iPhone | Synonym If your Mac is connected to the Internet through a wired connection, you can share this connection with your iPhone via Wi-Fi, so you can use both devices online at the same time. After changing your

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Fixing 'Cannot Connect MacBook To iPhone Via Bluetooth May 05, 2016 How to Share Internet From Mac Over WiFi or Ethernet | Beebom Dec 20, 2016

As a result/bonus of buying a new iPhone SE2 I got a free 1 year subscription to Apple TV. As a result I tried to connect my iPad/iPhone to our large bedroom TV, a 2017 Sony Bravia smart TV. I did the usual internet search for how to do this and read through the Sony manual but with no success. Jul 14, 2018 · Now connect your iPhone to Mac via USB. Your iPhone is now connected to the internet through the Mac which is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Share Mac WiFi with iPhone through Bluetooth. If you do not have the USB cable at hand or your Macbook does not have the USB port, you can turn on Wi-Fi connection sharing over Bluetooth on Mac. Jul 29, 2016 · Once finished, you can right-click on your iPhone to connect it as an access point. You’re ready to surf the Internet, check e-mail, chat, and so on. On a Mac. On a Mac, open head to System Preferences > Bluetooth, find your iPhone in the list, and click “Pair” next to your iPhone. Apr 01, 2020 · Restart your MacBook and try to connect to the Internet again. 10. Reset your network preferences Use Time Machine to back up your Mac. A common troubleshooting tip for Internet problems on iPhone is to Reset Network Settings. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy Reset Network Settings button in macOS. But you can delete your preferences files Apr 02, 2020 · Connect iPhone to Mac with a Cable. Just take the cable that came with your iPhone, plug one end into the phone and the other into a USB port on your Mac. Then you can sync your iPhone to your computer. Sync iPhone to Mac Over Wi-Fi. This is a simple alternative to using a cable.