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Why this private IP only range - The first range is a subnet of a public /16 network assigned to Pitney Bowes Incorporated, so maybe that is unused address space of there public ip allocations. The next 2 ranges are private (rfc1918) ip ranges, as they are subnets of Network and Broadcast address. - Tallinn University 2010-3-26 · Network address is first address in the network and it is used for identification network segment. All the IP addresses, using the same network address part, are in the same network segment. Because network address is first address in the network, it can not be random IP address, but it must mach with network mask in a binary view, for last ipv4 - What is the purpose of network address? (aka subnet 2020-6-7 · For the sake of basic understanding, network address is used for identifying a network, just like a group name identifies a group. In the example you took, the network address is taken as a name for the group comprising of IP …

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Internet Protocol Address (or IP) are used by network devices as host identifiers for communication with other network devices using Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) are 32-bit binary numbers, usually represented in human-readable dotted-decimal format (e.g.

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NETWORK ID. Displays the network as defined by IP ADDRESS and MASK selected in the above fields. HOST RANGE. Shows the range of IP address belonging to the network, which can be configured as hosts. BROADCAST. Displays the broadcast address of the network. This is a special address that points to host all active hosts on the network. TYPE