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DD WRT "client-bridge" mode question? | Yahoo Answers 2008-3-11 · ok basicaly i have a main router that i got from verizon. it receives the DSL and sends out a wireless signal in my house. The xbox 360 is on the top floor and since i didnt want to drop $100 on a usb wireless adapter, i bought a linksys wrt54g for 25 bucks on craigs list, loaded DD WRT v24 on it, set it up as client bridge mode, where the linksys IP is in the range of DHCP of the main router. Advanced wireless settings/zh cn - DD-WRT Wiki 2020-4-11 · A feature of DD-WRT is the Channel Width value(10Mhz, 20MHz or 40MHz). It allows a user to decide if DD-WRT will force the use of narrow, standard or wide channel use of the 2.4GHz band. 10Mhz - Narrow channel - (more non overlapping channels but less bandwidth) 20Mhz - Default DD-WRT configuration for the 2.4GHz band. how can I use DD-WRT to boost signal strength? Solutions



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How to Increase the Wi-Fi Signal on the Linksys WRT160N How to Increase the Wi-Fi Signal on the Linksys WRT160N. While wireless-N routers, such as Cisco’s WRT160N, offer great range, they can underperform in certain environments. If you have a basic understanding of how a wireless network works, you can make changes that increase its capability to offer a clear signal to Can I Increase the Signal Strength of My Wireless Router 2009-3-8