Aug 20, 2018

A better git log (Example) - Coderwall Jul 16, 2020 GitHub - audiohacked/git-clang-format: Clang-format git-clang-format is an exception, it is licensed under the the University of Illinois Open Source License, available in LICENSE-Illinois.TXT. Authors. Authors/Maintainers: Dorian Goepp, Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis; Other contributors: Jean-Baptiste Mouret; This does not apply for git-clang-format.

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Nov 15, 2019

Export and Import Patches with git - David Walsh Blog

git log --pretty=format:%H · %H - Commit hash · %an - Author · %aD - Author date · One-page guide to Git log format string Git - git-for-each-ref Documentation As a special case for the date-type fields, you may specify a format for the date by adding : followed by date format name (see the values the --date option to git-rev-list[1] takes). Some atoms like %(align) and %(if) always require a matching %(end). Git - Patch Operation - Tutorialspoint