Mar 24, 2020

Oct 24, 2017 Servers in DMZ will not communicate with each other The old webserver (we'll call it SERVOLD) is Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7. It does not have SQL Server installed. The new server (SERVNEW) is Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5, with the same version of SQL Server installed. Both are located in the DMZ for our network, and both have their own outward-facing IP address (.3 and .4, respectively). Solved: Monitoring Standalone Server is DMZ - Micro Focus

Monitor Workgroup / DMZ servers in SCOM using Certificates

Lastly, firewall rules meant for traffic flowing from the DMZ to your internal network should be configured in such a way that only traffic coming from the reverse proxy and directed at certain servers in your internal network are allowed to pass through. All other packets must be rejected. Here's a simplified diagram of the ideal traffic flow. SCOM Gateway Server in DMZ with multiple domain Oct 24, 2017

The use case is that because your server has a public face, it can be remotely rooted. If that happens, and a malicious party gains access to your server, he should be isolated in the DMZ network and not have direct access to the private hosts (or to a database server for example that would be inside the private network and not on the DMZ).

Oct 28, 2012 Virtual Servers in the DMZ Pose Security Risks | CIO Virtual Servers in the DMZ Pose Security Risks Take a close look at the security problems that you could be opening up with virtual servers in your DMZ. Infrastructure security: Remote access DMZ More modern remote access will be enabled by either an SSL or IPsec VPN server, using the ubiquitous Internet. It is good practice to " DMZ " both of these to allow better access control. Protect a web server with DMZ – Fortinet Cookbook Dec 17, 2014