OS X: You need only one tiny command to start a web server from any directory through OS X's terminal. If you've got a web site lying around and need to test it out, this is possibly the fastest

Best Open Source PHP Servers for App Deployment MAMP – as the name suggests – is a particular PHP local server developed for MAC operating systems. Its acronym stands for MAC, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It gives MAC users a great local platform to test and host their applications on. Unlike XAMPP or WAMP, MAMP doesn’t provide much assistance in creating virtual hosts, but offers multiple php - Start a server on Mac OS X - Stack Overflow The simple python server is not a php server and therefore it is just simply listing the files in the directory for download. If you are on OSX 10 or above, it comes with apache which has php module present and can be setup to serve php file. PHP: Built-in web server - Manual

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TftpServer is a utility which helps you to utilize and configure the TFTP server shipped with the standard Mac OSX distribution.. Using this application you can start/stop the TFTP service on your Mac and change its working path, that's where the files are sent to and received from by any TFTP client (e.g. a Cisco router or switch).

Jul 16, 2017 · Mac runs on base Unix foundation so mainly you could install almost all Linux/Unix software on Mac very easily. Mac OS X comes by default with Apache Web Server and PHP. In this tutorial we will go over steps on how to enable those on Mac. Let’s get started: Enable Apache Web Server Step-1. Open terminal App and run below command: Feb 02, 2018 · Figure 4 — PHP 7 on macOS High Sierra A document root is a folder designated for holding web pages. When you look up your webpages from your web browser, this is the location you will be accessing.